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Court 2

Morningside High-Park Presbyterian Church

4 Morningside Ave. 

This is within walking distance from Runnymede Subway station and offers plenty of on-street parking. The gym is perfect for pickleball as it has the appropriate lines and is big enough to be safe yet small enough that pickleballs don't go to far. Our Social Play, League Play and Court bookings take place here.

BRAND NEW! Plast Community Centre

516 The Kingsway (Etobicoke) 

We're very excited to announce the opening of our pickleball-specific facility. It has plenty of surrounding space and height. The flooring is made of a pad and pour material that provides great game-play while being softer on the body than traditional tennis and hardwood surfaces. The space will be used for private lessons, league play and court rental will be available as of Oct. 1st possibly sooner! 

Court 3

Runnymede Public Junior and Senior School

357 Runnymede Ave. 

One block north of Runnymede Subway station. There's plenty of school parking. Another gym with dimensions great for pickleball. Most of our development programs (Learn to Play, Practice & Play) will be taking place here. 

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