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Private and small group lessons allow students to learn much faster and grasp more material in a shorter amount of time. The lessons are more productive and allow the student(s) the opportunity to develop skills at their own pace.


Indoor sessions allow for the use of our own indoor facility that comes equipped with a professional net and all the equipment necessary for a more efficient session. 


Plast Community Centre (516 The Kingsway) - Weekday daytime sessions.

Morningside Church (4 Morningside Ave.) - Weekday evening and weekend sessions.

Lesson Types

(all rates include gym rental fee)

Private 1-on-1 lesson: ($85/hr or $110/1.5hrs)

This is a great lesson type to hone a particular skill or mechanics that you are struggling with or just want to get better at.

Semi-Private Lesson: 2 players ($45/person/hr or $65/person for 1.5hrs)
This lesson type is a great way to learn against similar skill levels. This allows the instructor to observe true playing style and mechanics, which is important for correcting player mechanics.

Small-Group Lesson: 3 players ($35/person/hr or $50/person for 1.5hrs)
Each player gets plenty of repetitions and the opportunity to learn both technique and game-play strategy.

Small-Group Lesson: 4 players ($25/person/hr or $35/person for 1.5hrs)
This lesson type is a great way to learn as you play against similar skill levels.  This allows the instructor to observe true playing style and mechanics; therefore, proper diagnoses and corrections on mechanics and strategy take place.

Days and Times 

Inquire by hitting the button below and sending an email.


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GAD ESPINOSA is a former professional athlete that has represented Canada internationally. Although he picked up pickleball late his numerous podium finishes in recent tournaments; including 3rd place at the National Pickleball Championships, is proof it's never too late to focus and improve on something you really enjoy - like pickleball!

Gad teaches 'Practice & Play' & 'Private Lessons". 

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